Using Social Media the Right Way

There are over 400 million LinkedIn users and most of them use the professional platform multiple times a day. With over a million of professionals in one place, the opportunity is there to see explosive growth in your business and the content marketing potential is almost unlimited. We have all seen ads in our social media feeds. Many are disappointing and most simply don’t apply. That’s because most businesses simply don’t know how to generate interest on social media in a way that gets re-shared.


If you make a mildly interesting social media post, people will read it, maybe, but if you make a great post people will share it! Why should you be spending thousands of dollars to advertise when for a little bit higher quality content you can have the users share for you?  This is why having an application that tracks these things is important. Whizleads is a great app for this as it helps you track what works and what doesn’t, and this can improve your lead generation.

using social media the right way

Remember, a referral from one professional to another on LinkedIn is just as real a referral as anywhere else so making posts that people want to like, share, and encourage their friends to see is critical to building your online presence.

Using Social Media the Right Way - What should I do?

One of the biggest things you can do is more of the social side of social media. By targeting posts to connect with people in a very real way it helps make an emotional connection that can be built upon. Part of this can look like this - instead of doing direct advertisements online try writing about the topic in blog posts that you post to your feed. Most people are happy to read a blog that relates to something they are interested in, especially if it is written in a catchy way.


As your blogs get read and shared they get more notice, which in turn makes them get more likes and more shares. Pretty soon this causes a cascade effect where your blog turns up in social feeds all over various platforms and the more eyes that are on it, the more likely that people will read it. By using programs and apps like Whizleads, you are able to help understand the needs of your social media followers better and this helps you make more content that they like and share. By linking the blog with your business, it becomes an extension of your advertising and if hundreds of thousands of people see it and read it, you will find you likely have hundreds if not thousands of new customers.

using social media the right way

Using Social Media the Right Way - But how do you get people to share?

Valuable content with insights and knowledge get shared, funny and interesting content gets shared, and outrageous content also gets shared. Basically you need to elicit an emotional response from your reader. Traditionally all the facts, education, and word craft will matter little if you don’t capture the emotions of your readers. How can you do that? It goes back to what was said above about the social aspect of social media. Be real, be you, and tell people your heart, your feelings, your desires, how you want to help them and help their business, and how you can change their lives with your product.


The more real you are to them, the more genuine emotion and thoughts you share, the more you build up social connections that will lead to business connections. So when advertising on social media, be social!

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