You’re busy running your small business or start-up.  The last thing you have time for is a bunch of tasks that can be so tedious.  The good news is WhizLeads has several tools that can help get you back on track.


Scheduling apps tool

Have you ever sent emails or texts back and forth between you and a client for days trying to find a time that works to meet? It can be frustrating and wear on the relationship when times just don’t seem to work out, but don’t worry there is an answer - the scheduling app. It is useful for businesses of any size but particularly small ones. The app works like this - you can send a link to the client and they can see what times are open for you and reserve one. There are variations but the theme is the same in that it allows them to know what times you have open and to get a time that you know will work for you. This replaces a lot of back and forth work and more than anything else, it saves you time as well.

Email tracking tool

This app is perfectly made for business. Ever wonder if someone opened the email they said they did? Or if they read it at all so you know when to expect a response? With the email tracking app you can wonder no longer. With an email tracking app you will be able to see that it was delivered and just like on Facebook, when the message was opened or if it has not yet been opened. This is a huge boon to you because it lets you have a better idea when you can expect a response and also lets you know when it was read. More than this though is another benefit of being able to set it up to auto send mail at certain times. Perhaps you know a client will be online at a given hour; by sending the mail then you improve the odds they will read it at once instead of having it sit in the mail bin.


small business tools

Sales and CRM apps & tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the means by which a business tracks how it relates to its customers, what the customers want, and how the business can use this information to do better going into the future. It is also nowadays accompanied by advanced software and algorithms that look for patterns to help you analyze and fulfill your customers’ needs. If you need help with what program to use, a great one is Whizleads, which will help you track sales to predict customer needs in the future. CRM software and applications designed to assist you only work if you know what you want to do with it. For small to medium businesses to grow fast, customer acquisition and sales is critical. Business owners and salespeople can leverage apps like WhizLeads to structure their sales pipeline in an efficient and controlled manner and also stay on top of customer intelligence through social media.

Electronic signatures tool

This is not just a nice thing to have; this is an essential tool in the 21st century. If you run a business where for one reason or another your customers must sign a legally binding document or just to ensure a greater level of accountability then you need to have the ability to receive electronic signatures. With electronic signatures you can avoid printing, mailing, faxing, scanning, and many other large, expensive, or tedious methods of obtaining that John Hancock. You will save hours or days even by not having to do it the old fashioned way. Now with modern technology, you have a legally signed document sent to you through an email app. Signed, sealed, and delivered all within moments.


So when your small business is planning to arm its tool box, remember to put technology to work for you. Let WhizLeads save you time, money, space, and hassle by covering your mundane office tasks while you reap the profitability that comes with better time management.

small business tools

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