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How to Find Good Sales Blogs, and What You Need to Know

How to Find Good Sales Blogs, and What You Need to Know

Sales blogs have been around for many years now and there are huge amounts of useful information to be found on them.  But many are also full of tripe. Blogs are used for everything and are everywhere; you can find blogs on auto insurance or birthday flowers, but you may wonder, why worry about them? Actually blogs are becoming a primary mode of research because of their variability and because different blogs can offer different perspectives on a common topic.

Think of sales for instance - there are hundreds, maybe even tens of thousands of blogs on the subject and topics relating to it. Inside that mass is a lot of useful information from sales insiders who made it big, found the key to boosting sales or lead generation, or perhaps even wrote a blog that answers a long time issue you have been having. With all that information out there and more being made every day it is an important research tool to let you learn more but in an easy to digest format.


So if you are someone interested in learning more about sales or how to improve your craft but want to find the best, what are some of the top things to look for in a blog before you subscribe? Well, readability is a huge one. Many people read blogs before bed or first thing in the morning, so they are not looking for lengthy essays - they want the quick and dirty on their topic and even learn some good tips. So finding a blog that delivers this to you is key.

Regular updating

This is another great one you should consider - before you subscribe to a blog is it regularly updated? Does this person provide you with a steady stream of new ideas or insight into your sales world or was that one good article you read their only one? You need someone who will update their work often and keep generating new content so you can keep learning. A good rule of thumb is if they haven’t posted roughly every two weeks than you should find a better, more reliable blog to subscribe to. It’s both quality and quantity in this case.


Was the content powerful, moving, soul changing? Well that might be too much to ask from any sales blog but really was it something you would share with others? This is a big key as to whether it is good, useful, or applicable information - whether you were willing to share some of the blogs with others through a social media site or send it through email. If the blogger is doing great work, stays on track and writes just what you need in your sales world then you should be sharing it regularly with others who could learn from it.

So if you need to find a good blog that fits your needs and helps to both entertain and teach you, then follow these tips and you will be able to put the experience of others into your pocket. If you found this blog useful, please have a look at the rest of our brief but straight to the point sales blogs by

When to Call Your Sales Lead?


When to Call Your Sales Lead?


Sales leads are unfortunately just that, leads. It may be your job to convert those leads into sales and this is where you have to apply some science, art, intuition, and know-how to make sure you turn that interested person into a lifelong customer. So what are some of the most important factors? The relationship they have with you or your business is a big one; if it is just a lead it’s likely a new relationship that you have to grow and foster.


The single most important thing, though, is that first follow-up call. Now do not think of yourself as a cold caller; you are not and you are not a telemarketer, as you have in fact been invited by the individual or business to reach out to them and give your pitch. Use this initial desire as your advantage as the lead is genuinely interested in what you are offering.

This leads us to the call itself - when should you do it? Although the lead gave you their phone number and maybe if the form was forward thinking even a box with a best time to call note in it. However, this is no guarantee you will reach someone. Call at a bad time and you can start the whole relationship off on the wrong foot, so when is the best time to call?



Part of picking the right time starts with picking the right day and those days are Wednesdays or Thursdays. Why those two days? Well you certainly do not want to call on a weekend, because most people are off from work, not wanting to think about work, and just taking the time to relax. Calling to talk work when they are off is a recipe for disaster.


The same is true for calling on Friday as they are likely to be beginning the disengagement for the weekend and don’t intend to make any important plans right before a couple days off.

Monday and Tuesday pose the reverse issue. They are beginning to reengage with their work, planning their load for the week ahead and working on projects that they didn’t finish Friday. So that leaves the slump days of Wednesday and Thursday for reaching out. Studies show that if you call on these days between 8-9am or 4-6pm your odds are significantly higher of making a connection and connections help lead to sales.



You may be surprised to learn that all stats aside, there is one bigger factor in whether calling a lead will turn into sales or not. It is not the time of day or the hour, but rather the most significant factor is how long the time is between when they give you their information to when you call. The fact is simple, sooner is better. Of course this makes perfect sense - you have to strike while the iron is hot. They have reached out to you and given you a good lead and they want to hear back in a timely manner. So don’t keep them waiting. If you follow these simple tips you will help change sales leads into deals closed.

If you found this blog useful, please have a look at the rest of our brief but straight to the point sales blogs by