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Romantic Relationships and Sales Have This in Common

Romantic Relationships and Sales Have This in Common

Relationships and Sales

So you may be thinking to yourself that there is not likely to be any crossover between a romantic partnership and your sales relationship, but there you would be wrong. The fact is that there are tons of areas in common and what makes for a healthy relationship with a partner is also, by and large, the same things that make for healthy relationships when pursuing sales.


Relationships and Sales

One of the first keys is, of course, finding the right person. A salesperson will spend most of their time prospecting, but you don’t make money from that; you make money from closing a deal. It’s the same in dating - you could go to a hundred different clubs and bars and not find the right person if the kind of person you like hangs out in book shops. Many people in sales treat it like a dragnet scheme. If you cast a large enough net over enough potential people you will eventually find what you are looking for and net some sales. This approach, however, is wasteful of your time and time is money. What if there were ways to do it better?

There are. Know what you’re looking for. It may seem self-evident but think about it. Have you created a list of qualities you would like to see in your clients? What does the data show about who is most likely to close a sale or call you back? Once you are armed with some data from the past, you can begin to predict the future. Create an ideal customer profile based on what you know from people who have bought previously from you and build up this profile. Then once you know who your quarry is you can start to look for them as individuals instead of drag netting.

Relationships and Sales

Plus, if you have an app at your disposal that can help track all of this information for you even when you are on the go, you have a definite jump on your competition.  That’s where WhizLeads comes in – this app can help you organize all of your information on your clients in one easy to use place.


Where else can you go to get clients? Like in our dating analogy, you’ve got to not just go where there are various people; you need to find your people. How? Well, social media is your new best friend. Just like in dating, if you want to know a person’s likes, interests, desires, and background you Facebook them. Same is exactly true when it comes to sales as well. By doing your research across social media platforms for persons who are your target audience, you can find individuals who fit your profile.

Not only does this research improve your ability to find customers who would be most interested in you, but you are also giving it a personal touch. That you took the time and effort to find out their wants, their needs, and their desires says a lot about you as a salesperson. It is this thoughtfulness that is just as important in a dating relationship as it is in a corporate one.


So the next time you start to look up random people and compile a list of everyone and their pets, remember people want to be treated like individuals, so find out everything you can and make your pitch to those who fit your ideal profile. Not only will you see your sales per call go up but you will also create a rapport with a lifelong customer.  Happy dating ahead!

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